Radio Buffer       Explained

The radio buffer bar has 4 separate channels to tune and choose from.

Radio Tuning

Open the typing buffer by pressing
/                     for radio channel  1
Shift + /
        for radio channel  2   
Control + /
  for radio channel  3
Alt + /
           for radio channel  4
depending on the channel to be opened.
Tune a radio by clicking in the radio slot, and then typing the number.
There are 106 different channels, any of which can be used. The
channels serve different purposes and reach different ears, so
depending on what you need to say and to whom, use the appropriate
The host command .radio <x yyy> where x is the radio number and
yyy is the channel, can also be used to tune the radio.
Channel 100: This is the common channel—every player can send
and receive messages when tuned to channel 100. If you are in the
Control Tower or a designated Headquarters screen, however, only
players in that room receive your channel 100 transmissions.
To communicate with players in flight, use one of the squadron, country
or private channels, as listed.

Who Receives                                             Channel Number                    Message Color

Everybody                                                       Channel 100                                         Gray
Red                                                                  Channel 101                                         Red
Green                                                              Channel 102                                         Green
Gold                                                                 Channel 103                                         Gold
Purple                                                              Channel 104                                         Purple
Members of the same squadron                   Squad Channel 110                            White
Crew members of the same plane                Intercom 111                                        Light blue
Individual players                                             Player callsign                                     Bright White
Individuals in a country who are tuned in      Channels 1-50                                      Dull Yellow
Any individual who is tuned in                       Channels 51-99                                    Dull Yellow
Everyone                                                         Messages from host                            Yellow
Everyone                                                         Messages from Game Managers      Blue

NOTE: Only Radio One can be tuned to channels 1-99.
When you first enter the arena, Radio One is tuned to your country
channel and Radio Two is tuned to everyone (100).

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